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An ideal approach to growing sound plants is by giving water, supplements, and the best possible conditions. If your having difficulty were here to help.


Our workshops cover the basics of setting up a grow room including choosing the right materials, best the type of soil mix to be using, and what types of plants and plant combinations work best.

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Community Answers from others using our grow rooms, including discussions, knowledge base and a technical support system.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

How do I properly dry my harvest?

To properly dry your harvest it is best to keep the drying region dark, and the air continuously circulating with fans while maintaining the temperatures in the area to the lower 70’s and the humidity between 50-60% use a dehumidifier, if essential. Do not rush the drying process as shortened time drying time will harshen the taste to those consuming the end product.

How do I store seeds?

For continuous long-term storage, solidifying your seeds in a vacuum pack is ideal. Each time a group of seeds experiences a stop/defrost cycle, a couple of them will fail. If storing for long-haul lengths of a couple of years or so, room temperature storage in a sealed plastic or pyrex container will suffice.

What are hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil there appear to be many preferences in developing without soil. Some hydroponic cultivators have discovered they get yields ordinarily more noteworthy when they change from ordinary techniques.

How much will my electric bill increase?

Your bill will go up a bit, however perhaps not as much as you think. The vast majority of our bundles utilize less power than a standard family fridge. As a rule, lighting devours a large portion of the power required in an indoor garden. If you are conscious of electricity usage we suggest utilizing LED fixtures Note that 600 watt HID lighting is most productive when you think about lumens per watt.

How many hours should the grow light be on?

The indoor garden general guideline is 18 hours on 6 hours off for vegetative development and 12 hours on 12 hours off for fruiting/blossoming. Lighting schedules are anything but difficult to keep when you utilize a timer. View our choice of lighting controllers.

How long does it take to harvest?

There is no clear answer to this question it relies upon what exactly you are growing. All plants are unique and even every species change is immensely unique. You will get indisputably most efficient results, by having an ideal grow environment meaning correct light spectrum, airflow, temperature, and humidity. Most all plants reach desired results around 2-3 months.

What is the benefit of a carbon filter?

A carbon filter with an inline fan is a great approach to channel air while killing smells. Carbon separating is a process to expel contaminants and pollutions, utilizing compound adsorption. Every molecule/granule of carbon soaks up contaminants and smell throughout the filter.

Do you give technical support?

Of course, we do! We provide support throughout the lifetime of your grow room.

How do you control the humidity?

The screen door can be opened to allow heat to escape if necessary, and an 8” circulation fan running 24/7 is highly recommended.

How do you control the temperature?

The grow room can be easily heated with a small heater. Most grow lights produce enough heat to keep the greenhouse above 75 degrees.

How strong is the structure?

The 1” square tube extruded aluminum frame includes header bars in the roof that are strong enough to hang lights, shelves, plants and accessories.

Is it insulated?

Our growrooms are designed to effortlessly keep hot, wet, cold air out while maintain the optimum temperature and humidity inside.

What happens if something breaks?

There is a lifetime warranty on our strong, extruded aluminum frame and 10-year warranty on the polycarbonate walls and roof. Grow lights, fans, and supplies typically have a 90-day warranty.

Will it smell?

All of our growrooms are air tight in regards to smell control, our rooms also some. We are currently upgrading our basement greenhouses by adding a $135 ventilation system at no extra charge.

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